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Bills Sponsored by John G. Mulroe

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3D Mammography Coverage by Insurance

SB 466, which passed the Senate and House unanimously, closed the insurance gap for women to receive life‐saving 3‐D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis). Breast tomosynthesis was FDA approved in 2011 as clinically superior to traditional digital mammography. Clinical data showed an increase is cancer detection up to 41% and a decrease in recalls by 40%.

Clinical data showed an increase is cancer detection up to 41% and a decrease in recalls by 40%.

After Medicare’s coverage decision (effective January 1, 2015), and the passage of SB 54 last year, Medicaid, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and Health Alliance have all made decisions to cover this preventive service, but the other commercial carriers have not. This bill closed the gap on the 27% of Illinois women who were forced to pay out of pocket.

AEDs in Police Stations

AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are now required in municipal police stations that employ more than 100 police officers, thanks to SB764 sponsored by John Mulroe. The bill also requires that an adequate number of personnel be trained to administer treatment with the AED. Due to the higher stress levels associated with the performance of police duties, the incidence of heart attacks among police is greater than that of the general population. Civilians present in police stations often experience elevated stress levels as well. 


In the 101st General Assembly, John served on ten Senate committees and was chair of the Judiciary Committee.

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